HiveAlive 2l (collection at NAHBE only)

HiveAlive 2l (collection at NAHBE only)

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Order now to avail of special pre order pricing for this years North American Honey Bee Expo

Save on shipping too by collecting at the Louisville convention centre from January 4-6th 2024.

For collection at NAHBE only


The 2L bottle feeds up to 200 colonies and activates 211 gallons of syrup.

  • Feed supplement for bees that can be easily added to sugar syrup to help maintain colony strength.
  • Proven to maintain honeybee health, maintain gut health and improve over-winter success.
  • Extensive international field trial testing has been carried out on HiveAlive. Results have been published in the Journal of Apicultural Research.
  • Excellent value for money. Trials show that feeding HiveAlive leads to better nourished, healthier bees resulting in a natural increase in colony population and honey production and fewer losses.