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Review from Michigan, US

Donald Tweeddale, Commercial Beekeeper (20,000 hives), New Zealand

“We have been using Hive Alive for three years now and have found it to be very effective in bee health. We operate 20,000 hives in around the center of the North Island, producing Clover, Bush honey and manuka honey. We feed Hive Alive in the Autumn around the months of April and May. The population increases rapidly and honey production increased. On average production per hive is approximately 25% more and the hives are more consistent in the production. We test our bees for Nosema ceranae during spring and have found that it has a very low or non-detectable level. To summarise we would recommend using Hive Alive to beekeepers because honey production per hive far exceeds the cost of the product.”

HiveAlive USA

Nick S., 1000 colonies, New York, USA

“The colonies we fed with HiveAlive last year have had only 15 percent losses so far, compared to 25 percent for the rest. They appear to have built-up very well. There were 75 colonies that we started from packages in early April and we split them into 300 in mid-June. My close beekeeper friend who runs about 300 colonies bought the same packages of bees in April. He also split them, but he didn't experience the same buildup that I saw in my bees. He did not use HiveAlive, and he has since seen losses of about 35 percent, so far. He plans to buy some HiveAlive this week.”


“We had a very wet Spring and had to feed longer than usual since the bees could not get out. So instead of just syrup and pollen patties we used HiveAlive this year in our syrup to help boost our hives. It has really made a Huge difference in our brood production. Our hives are full and we are seeing an astounding difference in our honey production this year already. I will definitely will be using when we feed over winter to help keep the colonies healthy."

Steve S., 200 colonies, Michigan, USA

“I have been very impressed with the product so far. I work closely with another local beekeeper and we generally follow similar treatment protocols. Early in the fall, both of us had losses of around 20 percent, but by late November, we noticed his hives were not as strong as mine, and he has since incurred greater losses. The one main difference in our operations: I use HiveAlive.”

Elizabeth B, USA

"I swear by this product for building strong healthy hives. My mite counts have been extremely low as well on all my hives. This is the only product I have fed my bees for the past 2 years and will continue to do so going forward."

Kristi, USA

"First year beekeeper. I have an Apimaye hive and put regular sugar water in one of the top feeders and sugar water mixed with HiveAlive in the other top feeder. The bees LOVED the HiveAlive mixture and ate it twice as fast as the regular sugar water. They built out comb quickly and the population exploded. Now going into winter I have a strong colony and will be feeding them HiveAlive fondant patties over the winter. I love this stuff!"

Mike Martel, Backyard Beekeeper, Massachusetts, USA

"I am having great results with HiveAlive last winter and now this Spring. The results are dramatic, as my hives are growing like never before."

Peter Lyttle, Beekeeper & CEO of New Zealand Beeswax Ltd

"If there is a ‘perfect’ Spring you may not see a dramatic difference between hives fed it and those not fed it. However, if it is a cold wet Spring and the bees can’t get out, you will probably see a big difference. Problem is that when you need to feed it at the optimum time in Autumn, you don’t know what the Spring will be like so it is really an insurance policy. It is widely used by commercial operators in NZ including two of NZ’s largest beekeeping operations - draw your own conclusions. Also of note is that HiveAlive has been developed specifically for honey bees”

James, Texas, USA

Mixed Hive Alive into syrup and did not use all of it so left several gallons forgotten in an outside shed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the syrup did not ferment after several months. Have not really evaluated bee population but I think have had almost no loss this winter. I will continue to use and recommend Hive Alive.

HiveAlive USA

Kathy, Ohio, USA

So I read about this last fall and had a newer hive that needed some help growing late in season. I added Hive Alive to sugar syrup. It was the only one I supplemented Hive Alive to. Of my 3 hives that 1 has survived a cold Ohio winter.

HiveAlive USA

John, Michigan, USA

Before trying HiveAlive, I went into the 2019 winter with 57 hives and spring 2020 had 15 survive. Mites were good, stores were good. I took those 15 survivors and grew them back (not buying Queens or Bees) to 60 hives going into the 2020 winter. In the process I was feeding syrup with HiveAlive and continued right up to winter. My Feb. 24th check revealed I have only lost 2 out of the 60 and that is in Northern Michigan.

Peter Dickey, Commercial Beekeeper, Ontario, Canada

"My colony loss rate during last year's brutal winter was about 10-15 percent of our entire honeybee population. While that may seem high, it was far less severe than other beekeepers in the province, who had over-winter losses of at least 50 percent in their colonies. I use it in sugar syrup form, but we've actually taken it a step further by incorporating HiveAlive into pollen patties. We have done comparison tests with competitive pollen patty products, but there's really no comparison between the HiveAlive Pollen Patties and the others. The bees devour the HiveAlive patties and don't even touch the others. Prior to using HiveAlive, I would mix my syrup and put it in the feeders. When I'd go back later to refill the feeder, I'd find that the syrup had gone bad with green mold. Since I have been incorporating HiveAlive into my syrup, none of it has gone moldy. I was kind of shocked. Even unused syrup from the spring will last into the fall with HiveAlive in it. That was a totally unexpected development. I think beekeepers recognize the benefits of HiveAlive on the gut of the bee. It's getting a good reputation for helping the bees' digestive systems and getting them through the tough Canadian winters. My bees are alive, they're healthy, and we're definitely not having the losses that everyone else is suffering. HiveAlive is really paying off for me."

Ian, Ontario, Canada

"Last season was the second season that we used HiveAlive. As small hobbyists, we drastically increased our apiary, doubling our hive number to 23 last year with a number of purchased nucs and older hives. We fed them well with HiveAlive and by the end of the season, the hives in general were very, very strong and productive. Our honey production was substantial and very delicious. We have purchased the larger bottle and will be using it this year as we expand to 35 hives. Thank you again for your product and detailed research supporting it. Cheers,"

Dennis Wood, Canada

"I believe in this Product and just started using it last bees were wintered indoors for over five months and came through the winter literally full of bees in two brood chambers and look so healthy. Now I am feeding it in the springtime and my bees are healthy and the colonies are growing dramatically...I now put HiveAlive in all my feed and my bees love it. I am in no way associated with this company and receive no compensation...this is just a comment from my experience. Thank-you to you Dara and your team for developing this amazing product for the bees!! I think it is an absolutely amazing product. Beekeeping in Saskatchewan Canada."

Kyle Glendenning, Commercial Beekeeper, Saskatchewan, Canada

"We're happy with the product- it definitely works. Out of the beekeepers in our local area, we've had higher than average yields."

D.M., Beekeeper, Colorado, USA

"I contacted some of the bee keepers in my area (Southern Mountains of Colorado) to see how their colonies are building up. No one is seeing the colony build up like I am seeing with my colonies. But then again, no one else in the area is using HiveAlive."

Clarke, Georgia, USA

I add HiveAlive to all my sugar syrup and have seen an increase in bee numbers, health, and resistance to disease. HA is a permanent part of my feeding protocol.

David Stapleton, Commercial Beekeeper, Owner of Apitree & Head of Apiculture, Senior Tutor for Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand

"I am now running 1000 Langstroth hives and 300 five frame Nucs. I have been using HiveAlive for the last two seasons and I have noticed a huge build up difference in our colonies since adding HiveAlive to our syrup. Also loving the longevity added to the premixed syrup as it doesn't tend to ferment for ages."

Chris, Beekeeper, Maryland, USA

"When I first used it, it worked. I saw an eruption in hives the first spring I used it. Life expectancy is longer, they're stronger and they build up quickly. I'm using it 3 years."

Willie O' Byrne, Beekeeping Lecturer, Ireland

"I was sceptical of HiveAlive initially but I’ve been using it the last few years and now I feed any colony that does not show the same progress as others. Most recently, in one of my apiaries I had a few colonies that were so weak I thought I was going to have re-queen or kill off but I took a chance and fed and sprayed a few of them syrup with HiveAlive once a week for three weeks. The HiveAlive fed colonies exploded and ended up giving me two supers of honey each. Very impressed."

Milcamp65, USA

"I feed hive alive In fall to boost hive size going in to cold weather. It seems to strengthen the hive to handle colder weather. It’s important to make sure that the varroa count is at an acceptable level."

Russell, IN, USA

Great Product. Can definitely see an increase in brood production.

Eric T., MD, USA

I'm a first year bee keeper having started two hives last spring and just getting through my first winter with bees. Knock on wood... both hives are going well. I used Hive Alive in the fall to boost them up before winter. Both hives have been very healthy!!

Steve, Commercial Beekeeper, New Zealand

"I currently run 2500 honey production hives, 500 of which are used for kiwi fruit pollination. Additionally, we have another 100 hives and 600 baby nucleus colonies for queen/cell production. We mainly concentration on bush and pasture honey and we operate primarily in an area south of Auckland and north of Rotorua. I have used Hive Alive for 2 seasons now and first saw the product in the brochure sent out by NZ Beeswax. I have noticed we have had a lot healthier colonies coming into Spring and I don't believe we have been seeing any problems with Nosema so far. If this season is anything to go by, most beekeepers are complaining of a poor honey production but so far (still a long way to go yet) I think we will still do OK. I will continue to buy any product if I think it is a benefit to our bees health."

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