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What’s so great about HiveAlive?

What Makes Hivealive different?

Only supplement with published proven data

HiveAlive is still the only feed supplement for bees on the market that has published, peer reviewed data. (links to science page) This data shows that feeding HiveAlive gives more bees, more honey, improved overwinter survival and improved intestinal well-being.

Unique, natural ingredients

HiveAlive contains a unique blend of seaweed extracts, scientifically selected for honeybee health. Whilst it is unusual for bees to be fed seaweeds, the practice of adding seaweed to other animal feed is long established. Seaweeds are fed to animals for a plethora of proven  benefits such as:

  • Productivity
  • General health
  • Gut health
  • Immune function
  • Nutrition

The reason seaweeds are so beneficial is due to their anti-microbial, antiviral, anti-fungal, immune boosting properties and prebiotic activity as well as high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Excellent value for money

Did you know that you just need 2 tsp of HiveAlive per gallon of syrup? A small amount of HiveAlive goes a long way!

Get greater savings on our larger bottles. Interested in buying in bulk - contact us to save even more.

Easy to use

Simply add just 2 tsp of HiveAlive per gallon of syrup and mix well before feeding to colonies. That’s it! You can also add our liquid to candy or protein patties or better yet - check out our fondant and pollen patties that already have HiveAlive added!

Trusted by beekeepers around the world

HiveAlive has been fed to millions of colonies worldwide since it was launched in 2013. From commercial manuka operations in New Zealand to backyard beekeepers in Alaska, HiveAlive has been used in many different operations with excellent results. Head over to our reviews page to see what beekeepers think of HiveAlive.

Why Choose HiveAlive?

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