Instructions for Use

  2. Shake well. Contents will settle.
  4. Feed HiveAlive annually at the end of the honey harvest when the honey supers have been removed.
  6. All syrup fed to be activated at a concentration of 2 tsp of HiveAlive to every gallon of syrup.
  8. Stir well.



Can be added to candy or inverted syrup. The temperature of syrup/candy must not be above 50°C/122°F

How much HiveAlive should I feed?

For best results, we recommend that all syrup fed is activated with HiveAlive.

At a minimum, you should feed at least 1 gallon / 4 litres of activated syrup per hive in the fall and ideally again in the spring.


Bees underperforming, weak or not feeding?
Instructions for Spraying/Drenching weak hives

Spray/drench to lightly wet bees and frames with activated light sugar syrup (1:1) at a max concentration of 1:100, once per week for three weeks to cover full breeding cycle.

For extra benefit hives can also be fed/sprayed/drenched in spring.

Hives can be fed/sprayed/drenched up to 2 weeks before adding honey supers.


Tips for use from beekeepers

  • Spray/drench the hive with activated syrup to aid new queen acceptance

  • Feed HiveAlive activated syrup 1-2 weeks before administering thymol based miticides to limit bearding/absconding

  • Enhance protein patties by adding HiveAlive. Add 10ml per kg patty.

  • Spray hives that are weak or not feeding to help strengthen and clean up the hive

  • Add HiveAlive to leftover syrup to stop it from going bad

  • Brush/spray on activated syrup to revitalise old foundation


Best before: HiveAlive must be used within the best before date printed on the bottle.